Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Nola is in Vancouver!

The long awaited and much anticipated Nola has arrived in Vancouver. Many wedding planners have asked us to let them know when it was in because their clients were eagerly waiting its arrival. It's beautiful, simple lines and luxurious fabric make it the ultimate destination bridal gown or, when ordered in colour, a sought-after formal bridesmaids' gown. We have already filled many orders for this dress even without it in the store, so we're thrilled to finally have it for all to see, feel, and try on!

The Nola (by Jenny Yoo) can only be ordered until the end of this year, so if you're hoping to wear this dress for any 2010 occasions, please book an appointment soon to confirm your order.

Also, any grads hoping to wear this gown should order quickly - only one order per school!