Monday, August 31, 2009

Attn. Spring/Summer 2010 Brides!

Our most popular designer is offering a special discount for Spring/Summer 2010 brides!

It is time for the Jenny Yoo Collection Fall Promotion. This is a great opportunity for brides who have started planning for their 2010 weddings to receive additional discounts for getting their orders in early. An additional 10% will be discounted from the original group discounting tier for all orders placed prior to the required deadline.

The deadline for May 2010 Weddings will be September 30.
The deadline for June 2010 Weddings will be October 31.
The deadline for July 2010 Weddings will be November 30.

The additional discount does not apply to Alternative Bridal dresses. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer except the Rehearsal Dinner Dress Promotion.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breaking All The Rules!

For those of you who haven't been in our neck of the woods lately, here is a peak at our latest Frocks window display!

The window:Featuring two of our top designers, Lynn Lugo and Jenny Yoo, the dresses from left to right are:

1) Jenny Yoo - Becca Dress in Casper Blue eastern silk shantung

2) Lynn Lugo - Brooke Dress in Gunmetal silk charmeuse

3) Jenny Yoo - Chloe Bridal Gown in off-white silk shantung

4) Jenny Yoo - Pheobe Dress in Casper Blue eastern silk shantung

5) Puchibi - Jackie Dress (flower girl) in off-white silk shantung

6) Lynn Lugo - Giselle Dress in Gunmetal silk charmeuse

This window is breaking all the rules... but it still works! We usually recommend staying with the same fabric when you are putting your girls in different colours (this is always safest) and often recommend staying with the same colour when going with different styles, but the combination still works because the fabrics are both flowy in nature, and all but one neckline are very similar (three halters). The odd dress out (in this case the strapless) is often used to showcase the maid of honour (if she doesn't mind standing out a little from the rest of the girls! Lastly, the colours work together as the Gunmetal grey balances out the strong Casper Blue (not sure of the name, there's no fading into the night in this statement colour!)

Brides, don't try this at home, come to Frocks for some expert advice so we can help you pull off this look... that is, if you don't mind your girls turning as many heads as you!

If you would like to chime in on the current Frocks window (or even past windows) just comment on this post!

Until the next window...Frocks girls

Monday, August 17, 2009

frosting inspired style

Maybe it's just a late night craving or maybe we just needed a reason to post this fabulous photo, but we also think that any photo (food or otherwise) can inspire fashion. If you're stumped for wedding style or colours and getting tired of wedding magazines, flip through the pages of a cooking or interior design magazine and see what images appeal to you. The thought of a pink wedding may not appeal until you see yourself as white buttercream surrounded by your peony iced attendants!